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Fabric-air-dispersion-systems brochure

A brochure from DuctSox describes the company's line of UnderFloorSox, fabric air-dispersion systems designed to distribute and disperse air to perimeter and high-heat-load locations in underfloor-air-distribution (UFAD) systems. The brochure describes problems with and traditional solutions for UFAD systems and details full-scale thermal-performance tests conducted on the company's fabric ducts by the Center for the Built Environment at the University of California.
Circle 24

Ventilation fans

WhisperGreen ventilation fans offer the hospitality industry quiet and effective ventilation, mitigating moisture that can cause mold and mildew on bathroom fixtures and in ceiling and wall cavities and providing good indoor-air quality energy efficiently.
Panasonic Home & Environment Co.
Circle 25

Indoor-air handlers

Model VSH vertical-stack high-rise fan-coil units provide space heating and cooling for hotels, dormitories, and other multistory buildings in which a small footprint and quiet operation are required. Available in six sizes, with performance capabilities of up to 1,300 cfm, the units can be configured with two- or four-pipe water coils.
Circle 26

Fan-blades pamphlet

A pamphlet from Multi-Wing features the company's airfoil profile fan blades and includes specifications for the H, W, Z, and G series.
Circle 27

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