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New Equipment & Resources

Alternating relays

8501KA Series alternating relays offer a replacement for competitive alternating plug-in relays utilized in the pump industry to control multiple loads. Users can reduce bearing and pump wear caused by long runtimes by utilizing the relays' ability to toggle loads among multiple devices.
Schneider Electric
Circle 18


Designed to support pipes where two heavy-duty flanges join, custom clamps have an outer diameter of 16 in. and an inner diameter of 10 in.
Piping Technology & Products Inc.
Circle 19


Available for commercial installation, Pump-in-a-Box includes a range of Armstrong products, including 4360, 4380, and 4380 IVS Series vertical inline pumps.
Circle 20

Replacement-parts program

Taco has expanded its Pro-Fit replacement-parts program to provide parts for larger pumps. The program includes five maintenance-free bearing assemblies for bronze and cast-iron pumps.
Circle 21

Piping systems

Fully recyclable, Greenpipe piping systems use heat-fusion connections to eliminate toxic materials, glues and resins, and open flames from piping installation. The pipe and desired fitting are inserted onto a welding device and heated for a specified time, then joined together. Pipe dimensions range from 3/8 to 10 in.
Aquatherm Inc.
Circle 22

Wireless Controls

Illumra wireless controls include wireless light switches and temperature, occupancy, and light sensors that are self-powered using mechanical or solar energy sources. These battery-free transmitters communicate with room and building controllers to conserve energy.
Ad Hoc Electronics
Circle 23


The Model FS-B2510 dual-serial-port gateway can interface serial devices to a serial or Ethernet network, such as integrating a fire-alarm control panel to a BACnet MSTP. The gateway includes two serial ports and one Ethernet port.
FieldServer Technologies
Circle 24

Building-automation brochure

Contemporary Controls has released a brochure introducing the company's CTRLink line of BACnet-connectivity and Ethernet-infrastructure products for building automation.
Contemporary Controls
Circle 25

Refrigerant-management system

The refrigerant-management system lets users monitor and track refrigerant usage accurately, helping to comply with Environmental Protection Agency requirements. When connected to an Ethernet network, users may access the system remotely.
Emerson Climate Technologies
Circle 26


High-performance direct-digital-control supervisory equipment controllers, the TC Compact Series is an integral part of the Talon automation system.
Siemens Building Technologies
Circle 27

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