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New Products - 12/12

Centrifugal chillers

An expanded line of Duplex dual-compressor EarthWise CenTraVac centrifugal chillers is available to deliver energy efficiency and cost savings for applications requiring high tonnage. Duplex chillers now feature low-voltage, unit-mounted adaptive frequency drives (AFDs) on units up to 3,000 tons. A new transformer package allows these low-voltage AFD chillers to operate in medium-voltage applications, significantly reducing unit and installation costs, as well as square-footage requirements. The Duplex chiller line also includes an auxiliary-condenser option to recover heat that normally would be rejected to the cooling tower, as well as ice-storage capabilities. —Trane

Water-source heat pump

The Tranquility 22 two-stage compact (TY) water-source heat pump is available in capacities of 2 to 5 tons with vertical upflow and horizontal cabinet options. The TY line features an extended-range refrigerant circuit capable of ground- loop (geothermal) and water-loop (boiler-tower) applications. Standard features include a Copeland UltraTech two-stage unloading scroll compressor, electronically commutated fan motor, and iGate control technology. — ClimateMaster

Fire-protection coupling

The FireLock EZ Style 009N rigid coupling is part of Victaulic’s installation-ready product line and platform. The coupling includes an optimized housing design to reduce installation time, nylon-patched fasteners so there is no need to disassemble the housings for installation, and full vacuum service for both wet and dry applications. As Style 009H inventory reduces, the Style 009N rigid coupling will become the standard Victaulic fire-protection rigid coupling in pipe sizes 1¼ to 4 in. and capacities up to 365 psi. —Victaulic

Temperature data logger

The RTD temperature data logger accepts 2-, 3-, or 4-wire 100-point resistance-temperature-detector input. It features a battery life of 10 years, multiple start/stop function, ultrahigh-speed download, 670,000-reading storage capacity, memory wrap, and programmable high and low alarms. —Omega Engineering

Integrated heat-pump system

The MicroTech Integrated System for water-source-heat-pump applications is a complete system that integrates pumps, towers, boilers, and ventilation air with a water-source heat-pump system. It is designed to bring advanced, affordable technology to the small-to-mid-sized-building market. The system’s MicroTech System Manager touch-panel Web-browser-based interface can be accessed from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. —Daikin McQuay

Turnkey zoning controls

Model ZPD25 zoning controls enable precise control of inaccessible balancing dampers at an economical price. It includes a balancing damper, 9-v motorized gearbox, and power-transfer interface for remote powering through a hand-held remote control. For simple access, the power-transfer interface can terminate at an optional wall or ceiling box. —Ruskin

Hooded roof ventilators

HRV hooded roof ventilators are available in diameters from 24 in. through 60 in. and are suitable for supply or exhaust applications. They are constructed with a heavy-duty welded-steel base and aluminum hood with bird screen. An adjustable-pitch airfoil axial impeller is constructed of spark-resistant, die-cast aluminum and factory-set for precise performance matching. HRV roof ventilators are available in either direct-drive or belt-drive configurations. —Continental Fans

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