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Hybrid controls

Mini-MOD-CNC hybrid controls automatically mix and match non-condensing and condensing boiler operation to optimize the efficiency of a combined system. The units also allow for mixed control of modulating and staging boilers, as condensing boilers typically have modulating burners while non-condensing boilers usually utilize staging or on/off burners. Because the controls automatically switch to high-mass boilers when building heat requirements approach design loads, the boilers are able to operate when they are most efficient (at peak load for high-mass boilers and part load for condensing boilers).
Heat-Timer Corp.
Circle 26


Water Wall Series boilers have been expanded to reach up to 3.12 million Btu. Listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory as a complete boiler assembly, the gas, oil, and combination gas/oil boilers can achieve efficiencies of up to 86 percent. The boilers also can be used as thermal fluid heaters to heat suitable fluids to up to 600°F.
Parker Boiler Co.
Circle 27

Boiler wells

The USE Multi-Well houses multiple boiler sensors in one unit. Sensors for an aquastat, a thermometer, and an energy-management system (EMS) can inhabit the same space, saving the cost of drilling extra ports in a boiler and facilitating efficient boiler oversight. The well also can be placed inside arm heaters or any location in which the temperature of liquids must be monitored. The copper well features a triple-wall brass fitting that provides spaces for each sensor. The copper conducts the temperature of the oil or water to the different sensors, and each sensor presents specific information needed for monitoring and efficient oversight.
U.S. Energy Group
Circle 28

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