New Products

Compact geothermal heat pump
The Envision2 Compact series offers high efficiencies and a cabinet that is among the industry’s smallest, making it a good choice for boiler/tower applications and the replacement of aging water-source heat pumps. Available in 0.75- to 6-ton capacities, the Envision2 Compact includes WaterFurnace’s Aurora generation of communicating controls. Options include a factory-installed 24-V motorized on/off water valve for variable-frequency-drive (VFD) pumping with automatic internal water-flow control, hot-gas bypass and reheat, and a choice of high-efficiency PSC, five-speed ECM, or variable-speed ECM motors. —WaterFurnace International

Water-filtration products
Automatic filters, manifolded multi-filters, and skid-mounted water-treatment systems remove organic and inorganic suspended solids from cooling-system water, decreasing deposition on heat-transfer surfaces, reducing sites for micro-organisms to colonize, and preventing the clogging of nozzles, orifices, and valve actuators. —Orival Inc.

False-alarm-resistant fire detection
Advanced signal-analysis technology (ASAtechnology) is a patented, software-based solution designed to provide reliable and false-alarm-resistant fire detection. ASAtechnology works in real time, dynamically comparing sensor signal data to sophisticated algorithms to accurately and reliably differentiate between a fire emergency and harmless smoke, steam, or dust. The system’s multicriteria fire detectors integrate five sensors in a single unit. The detectors quickly process the sensor array’s signals to determine alarm or monitoring status and provide for the earliest detection of smoke, heat, and carbon-monoxide in any environment. —Siemens

Portable air conditioner
The WPC-4000 portable air-conditioning unit features a cooling capacity of 16,800 Btu and has an operating range of 64°F to 104°F. This latest addition to the AmeriCool product lineup can be used for spot or room cooling and/or dehumidification and is suitable for mission-critical or harsh industrial environments. —AmeriCool Inc.

Fire and ceiling radiation dampers
Fire dampers and ceiling radiation dampers are designed for use whenever air-distribution-system ductwork penetrates fire-rated barriers. The line of dampers includes both gravity and dynamic models that are available in a variety of sizes for specific requirements, including hard ceilings. —Metal-Fab Inc.

Acoustical hurricane louver
The ACL1245AFD acoustical hurricane louver is designed to combine outstanding noise reduction with the performance of a Miami-Dade tested louver. Tested for large-missile impact, uniform pressure, and cyclic wind pressure to TAS-201, 202, and 203, respectively, the louver system can withstand design pressures of ±150 psf. —Ruskin

Three-speed pumps
The heavy-duty 0015-IFC three-speed pump is designed for medium-sized hydronic systems. The 0015 features high starting torque and is designed for a wide range of flow and head requirements. Its three-speed switching capability makes it an easy match for a large variety of tube diameters and run lengths. The pumps are offered with in-line or rotated flange orientation and include a removable uni-body integral flow check designed to prevent gravity flow, reduce installation costs, and improve pump performance. The 0015 is available in cast iron and stainless steel for use with open fresh-water systems. —Taco

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