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Water-source heat pumps
A-Vintage horizontal (1/2 to 6 tons) and vertical (1 to 6 tons) water-source heat-pumps provide energy efficiency in geothermal and boiler/tower heating and cooling applications. The units feature an energy-efficiency ratio of up to 21.0 and a coefficient of performance up to 5.6. The units incorporate a three-speed PSC motor for sizes 006 to 012 and an electronically commutated motor (ECM) for sizes 015 to 072, as well as a two-stage scroll compressor for sizes 024 to 072. Several control options are available to meet different needs for system monitoring and management, including a customizable DDC controller and an optional EPiC controller. —Mammoth

Portable air-quality tester
The AQ200 is a multifunctional, hand-held, sensitive and accurate indoor-air-quality (IAQ) monitor. The device includes a carbon- dioxide sensor (0 to 5,000 ppm) and carbon monoxide sensor (0 to 1,000 ppm) and also measures ambient temperature (-4˚F to 176˚F), delta-T, atmospheric air pressure, and humidity. The device features min/max/hold/unit selection, a shock-proof housing, and 8,000 data memory points. —E Instruments International

Smoke detector with integral ethernet port
The new FAAST fire-alarm aspiration-sensing-technology Model 8100 detector features an onboard ethernet port that eliminates the need to create a separate data network to identify the location of an initiating device. The detector’s integral TCP/IP connectivity allows up to six individuals to receive e-mail notifications that discreetly identify the initiating device and the location and details of an event. Events such as initiation of one of five alarm levels or 10 discreet fault conditions can be communicated. The integral interface enables facility managers to monitor the detector from any Internet browser, smart phone, or mobile device with VPN capability. —System Sensor

HART communication protocol software
DevCom2000 highway-addressable remote-transducer (HART) communication protocol software turns a PC into a full-featured HART communicator. The software makes it possible to configure transmitters and control valves at a desktop or in the field. DevCom2000 uses device descriptions to retrieve data that is stored in the memory of smart field devices. This software offers a simple, secure method to add new measurement values to control systems without additional wires and eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a separate handheld HART communicator. —Dwyer Instruments

Spring-return actuator
The EF spring-return actuator features a pressure-cast aluminum housing and a high torque output of 270 in.-lb. It was developed to satisfy high-torque applications with a single actuator. The EF can take the place of two AF Series actuators in a piggyback- mounted application, simplifying wiring and mounting requirements while reducing material and installation costs. A NEMA 4 protection feature allows complete access to change the direction of rotation and allows locking or manually overriding the actuator. —Belimo

Variable-speed circulator
The MAGNA variable-speed wet rotor circulator is designed to be powerful, reliable, intelligent, and energy-efficient. It features a permanent-magnet motor design that can reduce power consumption by 50 percent or more compared with non-variable-speed circulators. The patented AUTOADAPT feature controls pump performance automatically within a defined performance range, ensuring lowest possible energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. —Grundfos

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