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New Products

Solar mounting system
The Systemtec solar mounting system is now available for ground-mount applications, joining the application for pitched roofs that was introduced in 2011. Featuring easy-to-use slide-and-snap connectors and clamps, the system provides a universally adaptable mounting solution that is highly adjustable to site conditions. Possible module inclination angles range from 15 to 35 degrees to allow the mounts to harmoniously adjust to a landscape. The system is made of high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel with a 10-year material warranty. —Mage Solar

Packaged rooftop ventilation units
RV and RVE rooftop ventilation units condition and control any mixture of outdoor and return air. The pre-engineered system features 2-in. double-wall construction coupled with direct-drive plenum fans and offers a number of heating options (indirect gas furnace, hot water, or electric), cooling options (packaged direct expansion, chilled water, or split direct expansion), and an optional energy-recovery wheel (Model RVE). Capacities range from 800 to 9,500 cfm. —Greenheck

Flexible sprinkler fitting system
The AquaFlex flexible stainless-steel sprinkler fitting line includes a pre-assembled AquaFlex Series AQB (braided) or Series AQU (corrugated) system featuring a broad line of recessed and concealed pendent sprinklers, as well as short and long elbow reducers. According to the manufacturer, this new system will save 60 percent job-site time and reduce the risk of leaks during the installation process. Customers specify flexible-hose length, branch-line fittings, style of reducers, and recessed or concealed pendent sprinklers for the custom-made systems. —Victaulic

Gas Monitor
The E3Point gas monitor combines flexible configuration options and multiple communications protocols to monitor and control toxic and combustible gases in commercial buildings. Available in wall- or duct-mounting models, the monitor can be configured as a stand-alone device with single or dual-gas monitoring or as a fully addressable networked system via a building automation protocol such as Modbus or BACnet. Using the networked configuration, up to 96 addressable units can be linked to various building systems. —Honeywell Analytics

Solar grounding lug
The HelioLug grounding lug is designed for grounding solar modules. It meets the solar industry’s UL 2703 certification, which covers rack-mounting systems and clamp devices intended for use with photovoltaic module systems with a maximum system voltage of 1,000 v. Made from tin-plated copper that prevents galvanic corrosion and protects the copper from oxidizing, the lug provides low contact resistance and high conductivity. It can accommodate 4 to 12 AWG bare copper wire. The included stainless-steel mounting hardware also is UL 2703 certified. — Amphenol Industrial

Energy-harvesting diffuser
The EOS solar-powered energy-harvesting diffuser is designed to improve comfort and save energy while providing a solution to challenging building perimeter applications. It addresses the compromises commonly found in a building’s perimeter system, where half the air discharge is supplied in a heating configuration and half in a cooling configuration. The diffuser delivers both heating and cooling by utilizing a unique auto-changeover function that automatically changes the air-discharge pattern to the correct horizontal or vertical position. The energy-harvesting feature allows energy savings in the range of 30 percent over traditional linear diffusers. It operates with all types of HVAC systems and is designed with a narrow temperature band the cooling and heating changeover actuation. —Titus HVAC

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