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Ultralow-NOx burner
The ECOjet burner offers ultralow-nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions with little or no flue-gas recirculation. Ignition is achieved using the highly reliable, self-cleaning, and low-maintenance Chentronics High Energy Direct Spark Ignitor. This burst-mode ignitor with flashing indicator allows operators to observe ignitor condition during operation. Also, it eliminates the need for an ignitor fuel train.
—Hamworthy Peabody Combustion Inc.

Scotch marine firebox boilers
Available in standard sizes from 10 to 100 hp at 15-psig steam and 30-psig water operating pressure, Arrowhead Scotch marine firebox boilers are designed to fit through a standard 34-in. door. Maintenance is minimal with the wetback design. Front and rear tube sheets are completely accessible. The tube sheets, furnace, tubes, and other critical components exceed ASME code. The boilers are trimmed with necessary safeties and code piping and inspected by authorized, independent code inspectors.
—Superior Boiler Works Inc.

Boiler-room monitoring
Used with the ModSync sequencing system, the inSite for ModSync interface provides real-time boiler-system status via any traditional Web browser, including a Web-enabled cell phone. Users can access real-time system status, make adjustments, monitor maintenance schedules, receive e-mail and text-message alerts, and review system reports via a user-friendly full-color, icon-based interface. InSite for ModSync is directly supported by remote technical assistance, requires no software installation or licensing fees, and can be configured to allow multiple administrators.
—Synex Controls

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