New Products

Watertight duct smoke detectors
NEMA 4-rated InnovairFlex watertight duct smoke detectors are built to operate in challenging conditions without costly and bulky enclosures. The D4120W conventional and DNRW intelligent detectors include a UV-resistant housing that provides protection against dirt, rain, and other water sources, so the detectors can be mounted on HVAC equipment outdoors or in other harsh environments. They are adjustable to fit any application. —System Sensor

Rotary-screw air compressors
230V VSD S-energy lubricated rotary-screw air compressors are designed to meet the demand for variable-speed-drive energy-efficiency in a 230V package. The line has been expanded to include eight models, all of which are available with variable-speed drives. These models range from 15 to 60 hp, with capacities from 46.4 to 222 cfm and pressures ranging from 100 to 175 psig. —Sullair

Roof frames
QuickFrames roof frames act as a structural support for roof openings in commercial buildings and are made to bear the weight of HVAC units, evaporative coolers, roof turbines, skylights, and other rooftop-mounted equipment. They require no welding and are 100-percent adjustable, making them flexible, cost-efficient, and easy to install. —Soyko Industries

Induction beam units
36IB induction beam units use chilled water passing through a ceiling-mounted coil to provide sensible and latent cooling of a space. An integral drain pan allows installation in applications where chilled beams were not previously considered a good fit and allows induction beams to be used with low chilled- water temperatures, removing the need for condensation sensors and water-temperature reset controls while increasing cooling capacity. Cooling done at the beams enables high system efficiency with small volumes of ducted air, allowing fan power reductions at the central air-handling equipment. 36IB induction beams are available in a variety of sizes and offer flexible air-distribution patterns, quiet operation, and heating and cooling functions. —Carrier

Fan coils
Krueger has introduced an extensive line of fan-coil products for the commercial HVAC market. These products feature options such as factory-mounted valve packages, thermostats, and several choices of insulation. The customized fan coils are suitable for retrofit and new-building applications. —Krueger

Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat
The EMS Si thermostat is wi-fi enabled to provide facilities personnel the ability to control an unlimited number of thermostats across diverse geographies directly from secure Web portals. Multiple unique occupancy schedules can be created, and scheduled events can be generated within seconds from anywhere. Automatic alerts and reminders can be programmed to notify the user if there is an issue with HVAC equipment or when it is time to perform annual maintenance. Additionally, administrators have the ability to conduct remote diagnostics by viewing HVAC reports through an ecobee Web portal. —ecobee

Boiler Reset Control
The FuelMizer outdoor reset switching relay is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit. The microprocessor-based control is designed to regulate the supply-water temperature of a single boiler based on the outdoor temperature. Functions include automatic reset, ratio calculation, warm-weather shutdown, minimum-boiler-temperature settings and boiler-differential settings. —Taco

Pressure-independent control valve
The Energy Valve is a two-way pressure-independent control valve that optimizes, documents, and proves water-coil performance. The valve uses Belimo’s Delta T Manager algorithm to directly control coil performance. It also monitors the coil-performance-characteristic curve and resulting energy/power output. The Energy Valve has standard analog-signal and feedback wiring and communicates data to a direct-digital-control system via BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, and TCP/IP for building-automation-system (BAS) integration. Data logging and trending are integrated in the valve actuator, or data can be captured using a- BAS. —Belimo

Horizontal curtain fire damper
The VFD-10D horizontal-mount curtain fire damper is approved for up to 36-in.-by-36-in. single sections at 2,000-fpm velocity and 4 in. wc and up to 36-in.-by-36-in. or 72-in.-by-18-in. multiple sections at 4,000-fpm velocity and 4 in. wc. The manufacturer also offers air-control and backdraft dampers; UL-rated fire, smoke, and ceiling radiation dampers; steel and extruded-aluminum louvers and penthouses; access doors and panels; actuators; and accessories. — Pottorff

Indirect evaporative cooler
The Oasis indirect evaporative cooler uses a corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger to produce dry, cool air without refrigeration. Best suited for dry climates, the unit can cost-effectively treat makeup air, providing a cool, dry environment; cooling energy recovery; and winter heat recovery. Also assists in reducing peak demand loads. —Munters

Portable air conditioner
The WPC-4000 portable air-conditioning unit features a cooling capacity of 16,800 Btuh and can operate between 640°F and 1,040°F. The unit comes standard with cold-air nozzles or a grille option. Optional accessories include a condensate pump, condenser air plenum, and remote control. The manufacturer offers units in capacities from 1 to 5 tons, all designed to withstand harsh industrial applications or meet the 24/7 cooling requirements of computer rooms. —AmeriCool Inc.

Expanded software design tools
eDesign Suite software tools help building designers rapidly compare annual energy costs for HVAC designs. The suite’s Building System Optimizer uses automatic model generation to allow a full model of the building and its HVAC systems to be configured in minutes. The suite also includes an hourly analysis program that calculates peak cooling and heating loads, sizes HVAC systems and equipment, calculates and compares annual energy costs for design alternatives, and performs prescribed analysis for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1. —Carrier

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