New Products: July 2013

Products of interest to heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning engineers.

Flame scanner
The InSight II flame scanner determines a target flame from other flames or a hot background in a combustion chamber. If the target flame goes out, the scanner sends a signal to the burner-management system to close that fuel valve to prevent unburned fuel from entering the boiler. —Fireye   


Six-way control valve
Six-way characterized control valves from Belimo are designed for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. They have the functionality of up to four straight-through valves, saving on space, material, and installation time. They help reduce installation costs by allowing the use of only one coil for heating and cooling. —Belimo


Ceiling fan with integrated LED
The Powerfoil X LED LED-equipped industrial ceiling fan delivers as much light as a 400-w metal-halide lamp while using less than 175 w. It eliminates the need to rearrange lighting grids to avoid the shadowing effect that may occur when using very large ceiling fans. —Big Ass Fans   


Geothermal heat pump
FHP LV Model is a compact water-source heat pump designed for use in retrofit or replacement applications. The single-stage unit is available
in sizes from 1/2 to 6 tons and is suitable for either water-loop or geothermal applications. —Bosch



Air filter
The City-Flo XL air filter uses a high-efficiency fiberglass media bonded to a broad-spectrum carbon-adsorbent material. It is well-suited for buildings located in cities where fine particulate is a major pollutant. It has a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 13 when evaluated per ASHRAE Standard 52.2. —Camfil


Air and dirt separator
Discal Dirtmag is a combination air and dirt separator with magnet for hydronic systems. The separator combines high-performance removal of microbubble air, microparticle dirt, and ferrous-oxide  particles. It is available in sizes from ¾ in. to 1¼ in. with threaded or sweat connections. —Caleffi




Active chilled beams
IQHC high-capacity active chilled beams feature a proprietary nozzle design; the integral flow-pattern control can be angled as much as 45 degrees to address room hot spots. IQHC is available as two-pipe or four-pipe models, each in four sizes: 4- (3,800 Btuh), 6- (5,000 Btuh), 8- (7,420 Btuh) and 10-ft (9,700 Btuh) lengths nominally rated at ½ gpm and 0.5-in. wc. —SEMCO

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