Adjustable-blade diffusers
For commercial and industrial buildings, RSDW and RSDX airfoil adjustable-blade diffusers are useful for a range of applications, such as long throw for open spaces and spot cooling for smaller zones. The 2- and 3-in.-deep blades provide a visual depth for large ducts. The units are available in diameters of up to 30 in.
—Air Concepts Inc.
Circle 10

Butterfly dampers
Appropriate for commercial ventilation systems, Airtec's butterfly dampers have a built-in, virtually airtight permanent gasket. Available in MV and GRD Series diffusers, the polymer dampers feature a rubber gasket that allows virtually no air passage when shut off. Limited air movement in idle ducts prevents condensation that can drip through duct gaps and diffusers or nourish bacteria, such as mold and mildew. Corrosion proof, the dampers come with an adjustable worm-gear mechanism.
—Airtec Products Corp.
Circle 11

Tubeaxial fans
Available in diameters from 12 to 60 in., FAIB fiberglass tubeaxial fans provide aerodynamic efficiency in a belt-drive design. The fans are useful in corrosive environments and contaminated air streams. Statically and dynamically balanced, the fans feature flanged inlets and outlets, extended tube lines, a shaft and hardware made of Type 316 stainless steel, and optional vane sections.
—Continental Fans
Circle 12

EC plug fans
Electrically commutated (EC) plug fans now are included on all down-flow models of Liebert CW and Liebert DS precision-cooling systems, allowing data centers to automatically adjust cooling-unit capacities to match information-technology server demands and improve energy savings and power-usage effectiveness. EC plug fans are backward-curved motorized impellers powered by a direct-drive, direct-current (DC) motor with integrated alternating-current/DC conversion. This technology allows fan assemblies to be lowered below a raised floor rather than remain within a unit.
—Emerson Network Power
Circle 13

Energy-recovery ventilators
DryCool energy-recovery ventilators (ERVs) provide energy recovery and ventilation in a small packaged unit. Able to provide dehumidification for an entire building and cool or heat an air stream to the desired space temperature, the ERVs can reduce operating costs and create a more comfortable indoor environment. The units' capacities range from 1,000 to 16,000 cfm.
Circle 14

Ventilation fans
Designed for the lodging industry, ceiling-mounted WhisperWelcome bathroom ventilation fans are Energy Star-rated. With noise levels as low as 0.3 sones, the fans have a motion sensor with a delay/off timer that activates the units when a person enters a bathroom and automatically shuts the units off 20 min after the person leaves. This function helps reduce operating costs while ensuring proper indoor-air quality by exhausting odors and moisture.
—Panasonic Home & Environment Co.
Circle 15

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