Product Spotlight

Six-way control valve

The six-way characterized control valve (CCV) is designed for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. The compact valve has the functionality of up to four two-way control valves, saving on space, material, and installation time. Six-way CCVs feature heating and cooling circuits that are hydronically decoupled by an innovative ball design. Each sequence is controlled individually by the rotary movement of the actuator. The valve is bubble-tight in the closed position, which prevents energy losses and helps reduce operating costs. —Belimo

Zone valve

The Snap zone valve is a four-wire thermoelectrically operated on/off zone valve. Featuring a compact design and an adapter ring that allows the actuators to be installed in any 360-degree position, the valve can fit under baseboards or in other tight spaces. It can be wired in any direction. A visual indicator provides quick and easy recognition of which valves are energized, while a replaceable plunger assembly allows internal removal without the valve being removed from the system. —Xylem Bell & Gossett

Motorized valves

Motorized ball and butterfly valves from KZValve are available in stainless steel, bronze, polypropylene, and nylon, all with stainless-steel hardware. Sizes range from ¼ in. to 5 in., with ratings of up to 2,000 psi. The actuators are NEMA 6P rated (waterproof), NEMA 7D rated (ignition-safe), exceed USCG electrical-systems standards, and are available in 12V DC, 24V DC and 24V AC. They are suitable for HVAC, water flow, or other fluid-movement applications. Custom engineering is available. —KZValve

Piston valve with stroke limitation

An enhanced model of the 810 Series angle-body piston valve features stroke limitation while maintaining a standard optical-valve-position indicator that allows the user to see if the valve is functioning open or closed. The valve handles millions of cycles in applications in high temperatures and aggressive media. The product line includes valves with up to 3-in. port connections and temperature-rating options as high as 430°F (221°C) and features various-sized metal actuators that meet operating-pressure ratings of up to 580 psi (40 bar). The valves are constructed with 316L stainless-steel or bronze bodies and come standard with NPT porting; other connection options are available. —Parker Hannifin

Full valve line

A full line of valves for HVAC applications from Siemens features body sizes ranging from 1/2 in. to 20 in., all engineered for easy installation and compatibility with existing parts. They are designed to make an immediate impact on energy efficiency and building comfort while helping to preserve the life of pumps and other equipment. The downloadable SimpleSelect valve-sizing and selection tool includes PICVs and a competitive cross reference. Free factory assembly and tagging expedites installation at the job site. —Siemens

Water-temperature-control valve

The Circuit Solver self-actuating temperature-control valve is designed to solve the problem of domestic hot water not being rapidly delivered to all parts of a building. When entering water temperature is below the valve’s set point, a thermal actuator begins to open the valve to establish a flow rate that will achieve set point. If the water temperature exceeds the set point, the valve begins to throttle back to find the current equilibrium point. This constant, automatic response to water temperature enables each hot-water branch to quickly and consistently deliver the correct temperature to each connected fixture. The all-stainless-steel valve complies with California AB1953 and meets NSF-61 standards. —Therm-Omega-Tech

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