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Product Spotlight: Pumps

Product Spotlight: Pumps

Twin vertical in-line pump

The Design Envelope IVS twin vertical in-line pump combines two variable-speed rotating assemblies in one shared casing. The twin-pump design is a variable-speed, duty/standby solution for applications that demand constant availability, energy savings, and a small footprint. The pump employs sensorless technology that improves overall efficiency, matching pump operation to the demands of an HVAC system more accurately than industry-standard remote sensors. —Armstrong

Wet-rotor pump

The Viridian wet-rotor pump with electronically commutated motor offers an 80-percent decrease in energy consumption compared with a standard commercial pump of the same size. The Viridian line features fully automated variable-speed operation, simple Web controls, and capacities up to 375 gpm. The pump’s ethernet connection allows easy remote control, monitoring, and adjustment via laptop or browser. The Viridian features a working pressure of 175 psi and is suitable for fluid temperatures from 14°F to 230°F. —Taco

Circulator pump

The MAGNA circulator pump is designed to be powerful, reliable, and intelligent. Its AUTOADAPT technology automatically adjusts to changes in demand, saving energy by only working when needed. MAGNA also features an integrated frequency converter, a short flange-to-flange length, proportional pressure control, a low noise level, and a highly efficient motor. It handles flows from 10 to 170 gpm. MAGNA’s plug-and-pump design provides easy installation, and its high efficiency delivers optimum comfort using up to 80 percent less energy than standard circulators. —Grundfos

Pump-selection software

Simmons Pump has launched the Web-based ESP Pump Selector software tool. Users of the software can search Simmons’ vertical-turbine-pump catalog to generate a dynamic pump curve based on a system design-point search. Additional search criteria include fluid properties, motor sizing, NPSH calculations, pump limits, and system operating points. Once a dynamic pump curve is generated, users can trim impeller diameter, adjust operating speed, and dynamically generate electronic curves and data sheets. The software uses Engineered Software’s PUMP-FLO selection engine, which is fully integrated into the PIPE-FLO Professional program used to design, simulate, analyze, and optimize fluid piping systems. —Simmons

Submersible high-temperature sump pump

This high-temperature sump pump is well-suited for applications where liquids are too hot for conventionally built submersible sump pumps. This includes moving wastewater coming from high-temperature processes such as boiler blowdown or hot-water rinses in the commercial plumbing market. Designed for applications requiring the handling of liquids of up to 200°F, the pump is built to pump clear or solid-laden liquids in capacities of up to 70 gpm. The pump features standard silicon-carbide mechanical seal faces and all cast-iron construction. The motor is a Class B insulation design and provides continuous operation when fully submerged. —Xylem Bell & Gossett

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