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Schneider Electric Launches University-Relations Program

Global energy-management specialist Schneider Electric has launched a program aimed at preparing university students for careers in green technology.

“There is a sizable business opportunity in energy management today, and the market will continue to grow,” Jeff Drees, U.S. country president, Schneider Electric, said. “We all need to get off the sideline and do our part to ensure there is a skilled workforce at many levels to sustain the demand for energy-management solutions. Companies like ours that hold energy-management expertise need to not only participate, but help lead this movement in conjunction with the public sector and academia.”

Schneider Electric’s university-relations program will provide schools with initiatives ranging from executive-level sponsorship of and participation in campus speaking opportunities, subject-matter access for energy-management-curriculum development and university research projects, strategic counsel on university sustainability plans, sponsorship of university competitions focused on green technology and energy management, and a commitment to provide global career opportunities to recent college graduates preparing for careers in green technology. Also, Schneider Electric will work with universities to create on-site learning laboratories demonstrating future technologies.

The university-relations program is the latest of several external programs Schneider Electric has announced to bring energy-management training and education to the forefront. For electrical contractors, the company launched the EcoXpert training and certification program. For customers, partners, and the general public, it offers Energy University, a free, vendor-neutral online education tool featuring more than 55 courses in nine languages.

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