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TA Hydronic College now in Session

More than 60 engineers gathered at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, April 6 to learn about the theory and practical application of hydronic design and balancing during the first Tour & Andersson (TA) Hydronic College seminar. Sponsored by Victaulic, a mechanical-pipe-joining-system manufacturer, in partnership with TA, the event was one of 12 such seminars that will be held across North America this year.

Because even the most sophisticated controllers do not always perform as intended, comfort levels can decrease as energy expenditures increase. According to TA Senior Hydronic Instructor Bjarne Andreasen, room temperatures that are 1.8°F too warm can increase energy-consumption costs by 6 to 11 percent annually, while room temperatures that are 1.8°F too cold can increase energy-consumption costs by 12 to 18 percent. Andreasen's presentation, “Three Keys to Perfect Hydronic Control,” discussed hydronic-balancing principles needed to combat heating- and cooling-installation challenges, such as:

  • Design flow must be available at all terminals.

  • Differential pressure across control valves must not vary too much.

  • Flow must be compatible across system interfaces.

“This (presentation) flies in the face of what most of us were taught,” seminar attendee Andrew Allen, PE, managing principal of PHA Consulting Engineers Inc. in Richardson, Texas, said. “(Andreasen) is talking about control techniques that are a lot more sophisticated than what is currently used. Building owners are getting wise. They're asking, ‘Do I really have to spend all that money?’ (In the past, heating and cooling systems were) controlled by brute force — the ‘bigger hammer’ method — but this is a much more accurate way of doing things.”

Dates and locations for the remaining 11 seminars in the TA Hydronic College series are:

  • May 25, Boston.
  • June 1, Toronto.
  • June 23, Houston.
  • June 29, Chicago.
  • Sept. 9, Vancouver.
  • Sept. 23, New York.
  • Oct. 5, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Oct. 27, Washington, D.C.
  • Nov. 2, Phoenix.
  • Nov. 16, Los Angeles.
  • Dec. 2, Atlanta.

For more information and to register for an upcoming seminar, visit

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