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USGBC Announces Support for Better Buildings Initiative

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced its support for President Obama’s plan to help make U.S. commercial buildings more energy- and resource-efficient over the next decade. President Obama’s plan, called the Better Buildings Initiative, catalyzes private-sector investment through a series of incentives to upgrade offices, stores, schools and universities, hospitals, and other commercial and municipal buildings.

“For all of those committed to the idea that green buildings can create jobs, save energy and save money, this is a great day, and the entire green-building movement is incredibly grateful for President Obama’s leadership in this critical step forward for America. It is major steps like these that are necessary to address the challenges facing our environment,” USGBC President, CEO, and Founding Chair Rick Fedrizzi, said.

“We know that green buildings can and should be front and center of any credible jobs creation program,” he said. “The jobs supported by the green-building industry can’t be outsourced, and they are jobs that frequently can build on skills learned in the manufacturing sector.”

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