USGBC Seeks Members for New Committees

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Education, Research, and Education Events program areas invite all qualified USGBC members to apply for positions on five new committees recently established by the Board of Directors. Four of these committees are organized under and report to the new Education Steering Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors.

The committees are charged with providing industry knowledge, perspectives, and expertise to support the development of programs and resources that address the needs of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) audience as well as green-building knowledge that will further the mission of the USGBC. Interested candidates should be willing to make a time commitment that may include weekly conference calls, annual face-to-face meetings, independent assignments, research, or program review.

In addition to committee seats, each committee will be establishing working groups around individual programs or tasks, creating additional opportunities for volunteer participation. Interest in being considered for Working Groups can be noted via the online “Solicitation of Qualifications” form. Working Groups are intended to be task-oriented and will reformulate or complete all work within one year. Because of the desire for Working Groups to address immediate issues/needs, they will not all be formed through a formal solicitation. It is important to express all interest areas during this initial solicitation process, which will occur annually. The Working Groups listed below indicate those being formed by February 2010; interested individuals may submit qualifications for these Working Groups.

The following new committees are seeking nominations:
• Education Steering Committee
• Education Development and Training Committee
• Education Review Committee
• Research Advisory Committee
• Education Events Committee
- Greenbuild Program Working Group
- Greenbuild International Forum Working Group
- Residential Summit Working Group
- Federal Summit Working Group

Qualifications must be submitted via the “Solicitation of Qualifications” form by 12 a.m. EST on Jan. 17, 2010. Selection and notification will be made within 30 days following USGBC Executive Committee approval. Applicants also may receive a followup phone call for additional information, if there are questions regarding a qualifications submission. E-mail [email protected] with questions or problems with the survey tool.

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