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What Have You Been Missing?

Catch up on past HPAC Engineering-produced Webinars by checking out HPAC.com's Webinar archive at http://hpac.com/webinars/. Webinars available on demand include “Venting on Demand: Meeting Sustainable Design Standards Using Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV),” “Rooftop Package Units and Indoor-Air Quality,” and “Designs That Impact Pump Efficiency & 3 Solutions to Improve Pumping Efficiency.” The hour-long Webinars, which include slides, audio, and an audience question-and-answer period, can be viewed free of charge.


HPAC Engineering offers electronic newsletters to its readers via e-mail at no charge. Fastrack, which is issued twice a month, reports timely and useful developments in the fields of HVAC engineering, engineered plumbing, green buildings, noise and vibration, and mechanical systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. Issued once a month, Engineered Green Buildings is devoted exclusively to the green-buildings community. It features reports on green-building projects, articles on ways engineers are incorporating green-building solutions, and ideas for promoting a greener future.

To subscribe to either e-newsletter, visit http://hpac.com/newsletters/subscribe.


HPAC.com's most popular articles over the last three months include:

  • “Becoming a LEED Professional,” by Peter C. D'Antonio, PE, CEM, LEED AP (November 2004).

  • “Grooved Mechanical Pipe-Joining Systems,” by Larry Thau (October 2009), which discusses four methods of allowing flexible, controlled, piping-system movement provided by grooved mechanical pipe-joining systems.

  • “Controlling Outside Airflow in VAV Systems,” by Kenneth M. Elovitz, PE, Esq. (October 2009), which describes how to utilize mixed-air-plenum pressure to control minimum-outside-air quantity and why it works.

These articles are only a sampling of HPAC.com's Top 10. Visit http://hpac.com/popular to view these articles and check out the rest of the list.

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