Yudelson Associates Searching for World's Greenest Buildings

Yudelson Associates, a green-building-consulting firm, is shining the spotlight on "the world's greenest buildings," those that perform at the highest level of sustainability with documented low use of water and energy.

Yudelson Associates is requesting participation for its next green-building-book project, "The World's Greenest Buildings: Promise vs. Performance in Sustainable Design." Co-authors Jerry Yudelson and Ulf Meyer are preparing this book for the U.K.-based publisher Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), and plan to highlight about 60 projects worldwide that represent "the best of the best."

The firm is looking for architects, engineers, building owners, and facility managers from around the world to serve as advisors to this project. The case studies and noteworthy projects in the book will be based on collecting actual energy- and water-performance data from the highest-rated green buildings around the world (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum, Australian Six Star Green Star, BRE Environmental Assessment Method Outstanding, etc.) To be considered, projects must be larger than 5,000 sq m or 50,000 sq ft, realized since the beginning of 2004, fully occupied, and with one full year (minimum) of performance data.

The book is going to be global in scope, so Yudelson Associates is looking for suggestions about important high-performance projects outside the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, those that represent the emerging green-building world of China, India, Brazil, and other rapidly urbanizing countries. The firm also would like to identify projects in Western European countries, many of which have not had easily accessible certification programs until recently.

To submit a suggestion for a project that should be considered, fill out this online 12-question survey: http://bit.ly/b6p8M5

For more information, visit the firm’s Website or contact Jerry Yudelson at [email protected].

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