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From India to Boston, Berlin to Chicago, USGBC Seeks Green Partners

Nov. 14, 2017
Rising above political headwinds, Greenbuild convened with a vengeance in Boston last week. Review our coverage across multiple media platforms, and read here the urgent motivational words of the USGBC CEO.


U.S. Green Building Council & Green Business Certification Institute

Over the last year, USGBC has fully embraced the mantra, “partnership is the new leadership.” And we have strived to live up to this mantra in many ways as we continue to find new paths forward in collaboration with other change makers and leaders, including many of our incredible members.

It is particularly meaningful to me to author this issue’s 'LEED ON' column as we close out what has been a monumental year for USGBC and for our movement. In the past two months alone we have announced Washington, D.C., as the first LEED Platinum city and have held two inaugural Greenbuild conferences in China and India before coming to Boston for the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo. It is the perfect time to reflect on the depth of our roots and the breadth of our reach.

USGBC+ is the official media partner for Greenbuild Boston and this issue reflects the conference theme of “All In.” Greenbuild is where we come together from every corner of the sustainability realm to celebrate our progress and to face our challenges. USGBC+ serves a similar purpose but in a different way. It tells the stories of our successes and raises our collective awareness of the obstacles we are still working to overcome, connecting us to something bigger than our individual careers and contributions.

Greenbuild and USGBC+ are grounded in the same principle: that people are and always have been at the center of the green building movement. In this issue, we present a suite of pieces with a common thread running through them—from the impact of a community land trust in Boston to the provision of innovative sanitation systems in India—every story in these pages is personal. Far from an anomaly, this is the truth of my experience as a member of this movement; everything we do begins and ends with people. (NOTE: This article is taken from the November/December 2017 issue of USGBC magazine. http://plus.usgbc.org/all-in/.) 

This is why the notion of All In resonates so deeply for so many of us working to further sustainable development locally, regionally and globally. In order to grow and prosper we must celebrate diversity and be mindful of inclusivity. To increase our impact on individuals, communities, cities and entire countries, we must dig deeper and commit ourselves to ongoing improvement. 

We are affirming our dedication to making green buildings healthier, more accessible, and more integrated into communities that support well-being and economic prosperity. It is a declaration that we are invested in a sustainable future that benefits people from every race, class, and creed all over the world. 

As 2017 comes to a close I am certain that all of the companies and individuals that make up USGBC and GBCI, along with our staff, our Boards, our credential holders, our partners and our members are All In. The stakes are higher than ever before in our 24-year history, and we have never been more ready.