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Victory Energy Unveils FAST TRACK To Accelerate Project Capability

Nov. 9, 2020
To answer the call during a pandemic and ramp up project capability to meet multiple industry needs, boiler manufacturer announces higher gear for its production.


Collinsville, OK, November 9, 2020 -- In response to regulations imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and answering the call to ramp up production quickly to meet the needs of several industry segments, most notably food processing, Victory Energy today announced a dedicated new program called FAST TRACK.

FAST TRACK is a project-based program designed to meet the demanding needs of all industries to deliver steam solutions in a faster, more compressed timeframe. 

“The landscape of the boiler industry has changed and continues to do so daily, and the pandemic has accelerated this trend," said John Viskup, Victory's President and CEO. "There is no normal. Customers are asking more of us. They are driving the schedules and lead times. Projects are proceeding according to their schedules, not ours. FAST TRACK is a way for us to accommodate their requirements."

FAST TRACK is being embedded across the entire Victory Energy operation. Every action on every project is focused on reducing the time involved in all facets of production. It starts with bid submission and drawings and extends through to logistics and commissioning. FAST TRACK is continually looking at ways to meet increased customer parameters.

“This was borne directly out of customer requests," explained Viskup. "As end users were requiring them to rapidly ramp up production, they were asking the same of us. Normal lead times would no longer cut it. We responded with a dedicated program that answered the need to shave time off 'normal' production lead times without sacrificing quality. FAST TRACK is another validation of our concept-to-completion core promise."

FAST TRACK has already been implemented on multiple projects in 2020 across several different industry segments, most notably food processing.  In each instance, the customer required product to be manufactured and shipped in a compressed timeframe. How the FAST TRACK program is applied differs in each situation and it often requires a tailored solution geared to the specific requirements of each customer.

For more, contact: Bill Field, 203-521-0002.