Telgian Fire Safety
Chris Higgins

Higgins Named Telgian Fire Safety President

Nov. 18, 2022
A U.S. Navy veteran, Chris Higgins is successful at leading high-impact, operational initiatives.


Telgian CEO James Tomes recently appointed Chris Higgins as president of Telgian Fire Safety (TFS). In this position, Higgins will maintain strategic and operational responsibility for all TFS business operations.

A U.S. Navy veteran, Higgins brings more than 30 years of successful experience leading high-impact, operational initiatives to the company. He is highly skilled in the development and implementation of operations strategy, continuous improvement and performance metrics.

He joined Telgian in 2021 as vice president of customer service.

Higgins also specializes in team building of geographically dispersed teams, leadership development and maximizing the use of employee engagement strategies. His initiatives result in high-performance teams, a strong organizational culture and exceptional customer service, driving customer satisfaction and employee standards of excellence to new levels.