Telgian Engineering & Consulting
Tracey Bellamy

Telgian’s Bellamy Appointed to Atlanta SFPE Board

Nov. 18, 2022
Tracey Bellamy’s career spans more than 30 years as a fire protection engineer and consultant to international organizations.


Telgian Engineering & Consulting (TEC) Chief Engineering Officer Tracey Bellamy was appointed to the Greater Atlanta Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) Board of Governors.

The purpose of SFPE and all its chapters is to advance the science and practice of fire protection engineering and its allied fields, as well as to maintain a high ethical standard among its members and to foster fire protection engineering education.

“The Greater Atlanta Chapter is at the forefront of offering the essential outreach to emerging students to advance the field of fire protection engineering education across the state,” Bellamy said. “I look forward to supporting this important organization and its mission.”  

A globally recognized professional, Bellamy’s distinguished career spans more than three decades as a fire protection engineer and consultant to international organizations. As TEC’s chief engineering officer, he oversees the technical aspects of its engineering projects and establishes standards of performance for the fire protection engineering program.

Bellamy also provides fire protection and life safety consulting services related to fire and building codes and national fire protection standards. As a senior-level instructor, he has presented classes for the National Fire Protection Association, the American Fire Sprinkler Association, the National Fire Sprinkler Association and Fire Smarts, providing instruction on a wide variety of topics including NFPA standards and the international building and fire codes.