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Procore releases new BIM tool as bridge to field work

Aug. 21, 2019
Tech giant says 'Procore BIM' effectively connects VDC teams and field teams through intuitive design and functionality, making BIM more accessible to industry.

By DAVE McCOOL, Product Manager, Procore, Carpinteria CA

We are thrilled to announce the newest product on our platform, Procore Building Information Modeling (BIM). I come from a long background working with construction teams to coordinate the usage of BIM on the jobsite. My passion lies in eliminating surprises and reducing rework, which have strong correlations with safety incidents. Now we can empower field teams with a performant 3D viewer on their iOS devices, giving them a more proactive approach to construction and another level of understanding to the task at hand.

I know from my own experience that massive investments are made to coordinate system installation information (3D models) during design. And these 3D models are highly effective in improving project predictability in the field—whether you’re using them for layout, validating sleeves and blockouts prior to pours, or referencing them to correct installation errors to keep the project moving. While the process is highly effective, those 3D models rarely make it to the field and there hasn’t been a mobile solution intuitive enough for crews and/or performant enough to support models on complex projects where they’re needed most. As a result, models are not in the hands of the builders.

Procore BIM effectively bridges the gap between VDC teams and field teams through intuitive design and functionality, making BIM accessible to everyone in construction. Our product team, consisting of engineers and user experience experts, worked side-by-side with construction professionals in the field to make sure we were solving for their needs. We simplified the 3D model use case by making it easy to access anywhere, so that Procore users can make accurate and informed decisions. Through Procore BIM, construction teams can publish their coordinated 3D models directly to the Procore iOS app and view them anywhere. Procore BIM finally puts 3D models in the hands of the people in the field installing, validating, and tracking the work.

“We invest more than $2 million on coordinating a project, but there was no way to effectively deliver the model to the field, until now with Procore BIM,” said Howard Simble, Sr. MEP Superintendent, Robins & Morton. “If you have 2D drawings you usually find problems when you’re trying to install the equipment, and that’s a little too late to find a problem. Procore BIM gives us a tool that we have never had before, and it’s extremely user friendly to a point where everyone picks it up almost immediately.”

Designed for the field, Procore BIM delivers:

  • Excellent performance: Procore BIM is capable of handling large 3D models, and is fully integrated with Procore’s industry leading 2D Drawings tool. Optimized to reduce latency, clipping, and drop out;
  • Intuitive control and usability: Effortlessly navigate reliable BIM files with precision in Procore BIM using familiar touch-screen gestures or the patent-pending Procore joysticks. If you want to reference your shop drawings, simply tap the 2D plans to immediately be taken to any room or area within the model;
  • Look Around: Using motion tracking, Procore BIM translates your movement into a virtual experience and lets you step into the model as you walk down the corridor. Lock your view and look around while you check work;
  • Model status management: Procore BIM helps to mitigate reliance risk by identifying the status of a model (for example “issued for construction” or “issued for coordination”) so Superintendents, Project Engineers, and Foreman can confidently build.

“3D models provide a central location for critical project information, and with many large construction projects utilizing BIM, we want to ensure that everyone involved in the project has access to the information,” said Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO, Procore. “When 3D models are in the hands of the people actually installing and validating the work, the value derived from virtual design and construction to mitigate risk, reduce waste, and increase productivity is finally attainable.”

We want to add value for our users, which is why we invested in the build out of our BIM product. With the unlimited user model, the industry can effectively leverage the Procore platform by incorporating and informing all project participants throughout the entirety of the project. By having the models on a common data environment, teams have the ability to use the model information to enhance the coordination process during design, mitigate risk during construction, track labor and materials, and optimize billing and pay applications.

Procore BIM will be available in early September. Visit this page for more information and to be kept in the know regarding specific release dates.


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