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Boiler Training Is A Good Investment

March 24, 2021
As codes and standards are updated, boiler operators and maintenance personnel are urged to stay current. Otherwise, their boiler rooms could be in violation and subject to stiff penalties.

By SCOTT LYNCHPresident & CEO, American Boiler Manufacturers Association, Vienna VA

Boiler technology continues to evolve, and boiler codes and standards are regularly updated with changes that are meant to facilitate a more efficient and safer boiler room.

It is important that end-users of our products ensure their boiler operators and maintenance personnel keep up with these changes and not fall behind. In some cases, it may be a small change, in other cases, your boiler room could be in violation and subject to fines or more severe penalties.

But, you may be wondering, where are the best places to find these training resources?

Many ABMA members offer various training opportunities on their products. In addition, some members offer basic and advanced level training on all aspects of the boiler room, from installation and operation to maintenance and retrofitting, among others.

These opportunities range from one-hour webinars to hands-on, in-person certificate programs, and everything in between. ABMA members who offer training also spend significant resources on ensuring materials reflect the latest technology, along with engaging instructors with vast knowledge and subject matter expertise.

Many times, these training sessions facilitate one-on-one engagement, enabling an end-user to get feedback directly from a manufacturer on a specific issue that may need to be addressed in their boiler room. This level of access and insights can be priceless for an end-user.

I strongly encourage you to check out ABMA’s member list on our website at abma.com/member-listing.  We have direct links to our members’ websites and many of them have training links directly on their homepage to obtain more details on their offerings. 

In addition to member resources, our website, ABMA.com has a wide array of boiler industry resources and educational materials, such as manuals, white papers, Today’s Boiler magazine, Boiler Weekly Newsfeed & E-Newsletter, and ABMA’s podcast Inside the Boiler Room. Our podcast is another way end-users can obtain insights on boiler industry trends and technology challenges in the boiler room. We currently have 15 archived episodes and a new season of the podcast will launch in the coming months. 

ABMA is also exploring the launch of a webinar series focused on our end-user community and will be announcing more details later this year.

Of course, another major opportunity for end-users will be BOILER 2022 – ABMA’s Inaugural Boiler Technology Conference & Expo, taking place April 11-13, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX. This first-of-its-kind event will bring together the boiler supply chain and feature a two-day trade show and educational sessions for the end-users of our products along with member and end-user tours and new product announcements.

BOILER 2022 will also showcase the latest boiler technology advances and educate on all facets of the boiler room from new product selection and installation to maintenance and retrofitting among other topics.

ABMA will launch exhibit sales for members in the coming months and registration will open this fall.  For more details, visit BOILER2022.com.


To stay up to date on the boiler industry, visit our Boiler Weekly Newsfeed and E-Newsletter at abma.com/news. We encourage you to sign up to receive the latest ABMA and boiler industry news right to your inbox. This website link will also provide access to ABMA’s online directory of our Members’ Products and Services, a valued resource for professionals to find the leading companies to address their boiler needs.


Based in Vienna VA, the author has been President & CEO of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association since June 2014.