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AHR Expo Taps 2022 Innovation Award Winners

Oct. 26, 2021
Set to compete in Las Vegas this winter, the top products in 10 separate categories have been selected by a panel of third-party judges. Review the new field of innovators.


WESTPORT, CT, October 20, 2021 The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) today announced the winners of the 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Awards. Each year, winners are chosen in 10 industry categories to represent the most innovative products and technologies hitting the market in the coming year. 

The Innovation Awards encourage exhibitors to submit new products and technologies for recognition via review and selection by a panel of third-party judges made up of distinguished ASHRAE members. Entrants are evaluated based on overall innovative design, the creativity of the product or service offered, application, as well as potential market impact. 

The 2022 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners and finalists were selected in 10 industry categories, including building automation, cooling, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing, refrigeration, software, sustainable solutions (formerly green building), tools and instruments, and ventilation.

These 10 products will compete head-to-head to be awarded the coveted AHR Expo Product of the Year award at the 2022 Show, scheduled for January 31—February 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Meet the Winners

Category: Building Automation


iSMA-B-MAC36NL Hybrid IoT Controller powered by Niagara Framework

Innovation: The iSMA-B-MAC36NL Hybrid IoT Controller powered by Niagara Framework from iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A., is a master application controller with 36 I/O, two Ethernet ports, two USB ports and HDMI output to provide visualization globally and locally in an all-in-one cost-effective solution. It enables the integration of almost any existing protocol on the building’s network with just one device. The controller’s features are managed by dedicated modules in Niagara Framework to accelerate the installation process, reducing labor costs.

Finalists in this category include: BrainBox AI, BrainBox AI; CUBE USA, CUBE Edge IOT


Category: Cooling

Winner: Danfoss

Danfoss Turbocor® VTCA400 Compressor

Innovation: Danfoss’ new VTCA400 compressor is the world’s first oil-free, variable-speed, magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor using a hybrid compression design that is optimized for use with low-GWP refrigerant R-1233zd in water-cooled chiller applications. The VTCA400’s patent-pending hybrid compression design uses a combination of mixed flow and radial impellers, enabling both high-performance and a compact footprint. Its hybrid compression design allows for a compressor footprint that is half the physical size and weight of a conventional radial-only design while maintaining high efficiency levels.

Finalists in this category include: Copeland Compressors and Condensing Units/Emerson, Copeland™ oil-free centrifugal compressor; Teqtoniq GmbH, Teqtoniq TRC150 Oil-Free Centrifugal Compressor


Category: Heating

Winner: Carrier

Infinity® 24 Heat Pump with Greenspeed® Intelligence

Innovation: The Infinity® 24 Heat Pump with Greenspeed® Intelligence is Carrier’s highest-efficiency and most advanced heat pump with up to 24 SEER and 13 HSPF for premium energy savings, extremely quiet performance and premium comfort features. The unit’s variable speed compressor allows it to adapt its output to the needs of the home with infinite adjustments between 25%–100% capacity. The heat pump offers humidity control and is capable of removing up to 400% more moisture than standard systems.

Finalists in this category include: HVAC Manufacturing and Technology Inc., SpaceGain Air Handling Units; Addison, FrostShield Defrost-Free Heat Pumps


Category: Indoor Air Quality

Winner: Antrum

AntrumX™ IAQ Facilities Monitoring System

Innovation: AntrumX is a patented centralized sensing technology that can monitor 32 spaces’ indoor air quality (IAQ) from a single location using one sensor for every 16 rooms. Centralized sensing can increase sensor accessibility and ensure better overall control. Data comes from a single source, allowing building managers to optimize their ventilation strategy and save energy without sacrificing IAQ. Leveraging the building’s pressure differential between supply and exhaust, AntrumX is able to move air samples from each space to the centralized Sensor Pack without adding energy to the system.

Finalists in this category include: LG Electronics USA, Inc., LG Split Rooftop DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) with Energy Recovery Wheel; TZOA, HAVEN IAQ


Category: Plumbing

Winner: Franklin Electric/Little Giant

Inline SpecPAK, Multi-Pump Pressure Boosting System

Innovation: The Franklin Electric Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System connects easily to nearly any commercial, industrial, or multi-residential plumbing configuration to provide an easy-to-size water pressure boosting solution. Contractors simply determine how much water is required to be boosted to the constant pressure output, and the system comes properly packaged. Only 14.5 in. (36.8 cm) deep, the Franklin Electric Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System is small enough to be hung in a small utility closet or wall-hung to preserve critical floor space.

Finalists in this category include: Lochinvar, LLC, Lochinvar Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters; Towle Whitney LLC, GEN-5 Platform


Category: Refrigeration

Winner: ebm-papst Inc.

AxiEco 630-910 Axial Fan

Innovation: The AxiEco 630-910 axial fan from ebm-papst has a pressure-resistant air performance curve with a maximum pressure of over 700 Pa (2.8 in. w.g.). With a maximum airflow of up to 30,000 m³/h (27,657 cfm), the fan covers a range of applications, especially those where high efficiency and high back pressure are key. Due to the pressure-resistant curve of the fan, the heat exchangers can have a thicker coil with a smaller footprint in order to achieve the same cooling capacity compared to conventional heat exchangers. Thus, less installation space is needed for the same cooling capacity.

Finalists in this category include: Copeland Compressors and Condensing Units/Emerson, Copeland™ horizontal variable speed scroll compressor for refrigeration (1 to 4 hp); Johnson Controls, Inc., ZS series horizontal scroll compressors with R-290 and variable speed compatibility.


Category: Software

Winner: Bluon, Inc.

Bluon Support Platform

Innovation: The Bluon Support Platform—a mobile application from Bluon, Inc.—is a centralized hub for HVAC technicians and built by technicians. The app’s most important function is its ability to make the lives of technicians easier by providing a single,trustworthy source of detailed HVAC system information, along with live tech support when needed in the field. The free app’s features include a comprehensive unit database of 40,000 HVAC model numbers spanning more than 75 brands, with 75,000 original manuals, troubleshooting guides, wiring diagrams and technical specifications.

Finalists in this category include: CoolAutomation, Service Provision App; Interplay Learning, SkillMill™


Category: Sustainable Solutions (formerly Green Building)

Winner: Enginuity Power Systems Inc.

E/ONE Home Power System

Innovation: Enginuity's E/ONE Home Power System is a sleek new appliance that easily replaces your existing water heater. Once installed it produces a home's electricity, hot water and heat using the same clean natural gas that used to just make hot water. The modern rethinking of a classic combined heating and power system uses natural gas to produce both electricity and heat for homes or businesses. Since the E/ONE is capable of making more power than the home or business requires, the additional powercan be sold back to the grid.

Finalists in this category include: Caleffi Hydronic Solutions, Commercial domestic hot water (DHW) recirculation systems combine energy efficiency and water conservation; Danfoss, Danfoss Turbocor® TGS380 Compressor


Category: Tools & Instruments

Winner: Fluke Corporation

Fluke 378 FC Non-Contact Voltage True-rms ac/dc Clamp Meter with iFlex

Innovation: The Fluke 378 FC 378 Non-Contact Voltage True-rms ac/dc Clamp Meter allows technicians to make accurate voltage and current measurements through the clamp jaw without contacting a live conductor, making testing faster and safer. It works by clipping the black test lead to any electrical ground and putting the clamp jaw around the conductor. The clamp meter includes a function that senses power quality issues automatically. When making FieldSense measurements, the 378 FC will detect and display power quality issues allowing for quick determination if an upstream supply problem exists, or if there is a downstream equipment problem.

Finalists in this category include: Climatech International S.A., F-100 Cordless Stud Welder Machine; RIDGID/Emerson, RIDGID® PCS-500 Pipe Saw


Category: Ventilation

Winner: Aldes

InspirAIR® Fresh

Innovation: The InspirAIR® Fresh residential high-efficiency energy recovery ventilator from Aldes delivers fresh outdoor air with MERV 13 filtration and over 75% heat-exchange efficiency. It is designed around a new counterflow enthalpic core and electronically commutated (EC) motors that automatically adjust to changes in pressure and air pollutants for improved occupant IAQ and comfort. The newly developed counterflow enthalpic core and unique fan scrolls ensure 75% sensible recovery efficiency at 32°F (0°F) as tested to the new CSA 439 standard required as of October 2020.

Finalists in this category include: Carrier, Carrier Aero® 39M with ECM Direct Drive Plenum Fans; LG Electronics USA, Inc., LG Split Compact DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System)