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Supply Chain Resource: ABMA Launches Boiler Efficiency Calculator

July 19, 2022
New screening tool aims to reduce boiler operating costs and boost equipment longevity.


VIENNA, VA, July 14, 2022 -- The American Boiler Manufacturers Association has launched a Boiler Efficiency Calculator, created in partnership with ABMA's Technical Committee and led by Technical Consultant Mike Valentino.

The calculator assists boiler users and the boiler supply chain to better understand current operating costs and how changes in the boiler room can maximize safety, increase production, and reduce fuel and overall costs of operation. Utilizing this screening tool can lead to a reduction in boiler operating costs and boost equipment longevity.

While there are default settings, many of the fields offer the end user the opportunity to enter real data from their boiler room. Gathering a little information can go a long way to understanding if you are getting the most out of your boiler room.

This calculator measures average load, excess air, radiation & convection losses, boiler efficiency, annual operating costs and more.

For example, you can calculate the impact of reducing excess air and see how it affects fuel costs and carbon dioxide emitted. A similar calculation can be done for reducing stack temperature, increasing excess oxygen, wind speed and room temperature. The tool also includes a calculation that shows the decrease in fuel costs and reduction in carbon dioxide for changing from oil to propane and oil to natural gas.

The results from this tool may support investments with minimal payback time and all scenarios can be downloaded as PDF documents.

To access ABMA’s Boiler Efficiency Calculator, visit www.abma.com/boiler-efficiency-calculator.

If you have any questions regarding the Efficiency Calculator or any of ABMA’s other products or services, please contact Tyler Vollmer at [email protected].