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ASPE President: Appreciate Plumbing's 'Stunning' Role

Sept. 16, 2022
As her two-year term atop the plumbing engineers group draws to a close this week in Indianapolis, Carol Johnson reflects on the industry's vital place in our daily lives.


Life is amazing. We are always embarking on the future, and every day is a good ol’ day. However, as we embark on the future, it is also good to look at now and our past. What is happening now is stunning.

It is stunning how much plumbing has been in the news recently. We have listened to the struggle of Jackson, Mississippi, for clean water. There is news of drought in the West and across the world. There are constant stories of plumbing and infrastructure issues. This is constant mainstream news.

I do not have to tell you that plumbing is important, so as we embark on our futures, keep in mind that your profession moves society forward. We protect the health of the public and the environment, and, more directly, we have great careers. What is happening now is the world is aware. This is stunning.

What has happened in the past is also stunning: our new website, revitalized in-person events, Legionella guidelines, medical gas workshops, more Chapters, student outreach, healthy finances, more communication tools, successful volunteerism, and ASPE members making our profession and industry better.

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My parting message to you as President is this: You inspire me. You have inspired this Board.

Thank you, my friends. What we do is integral and important to the world in which we live. What we do inspires me. It has been an honor to work with the Staff, the Board, my friends, Chapter Leaders, our industry partners, and our members. What I say to many of you is to give back to others. In the plumbing industry, people support people and this changes the world.

Cherish each other and continue to move plumbing forward!

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