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AHR Expo Releases 2023 Trend Report

Dec. 2, 2022
Show manager gathers expert insights and predictions from more than a dozen leading industry associations, manufacturers, and practitioners.

From press releases

WESTPORT, CT, December 1, 2022 – AHR Expo has released its 2023 Industry Trend Report, compiled with information from our HVACR industry associations, as well as a sampling of manufacturers and those working in the field.

We asked our participants a series of questions based on the industry's current state, opportunities, threats and market predictions heading into 2023. We encourage you to take a thorough look through their responses, as there is no shortage of expertise. Participants in this 32-page report include:

  • Farooq Mehboob, President, ASHRAE;
  • Stephen Yurek, President & CEO, AHRI;
  • Scott Lynch, President & CEO, ABMA;
  • Andy McMillan, President & Managing Director, BACnet International;
  • Greg Walker, President & CEO, CABA;
  • Howard Weiss, COO, ESCO Group; Green Mechanical Council;
  • Talbot Gee, CEO, HARDI;
  • Patrick Nielsen, Chairman, Home Ventilating Institute (HVI);
  • David Budzinski, Vice President & GM, Johnson Controls;
  • Doug Bougher, Director of Applied Sales; LG Air Conditioning Technologies;
  • Randy Roberts, VP, Sales & Marketing, Rheem Air Conditioning Division.

From the Introduction:

HVACR remains one of the most unique industries as it comprises professionals from many different sectors and career disciplines. Collectively we all address the goals, however, day-to-day work practices often look very different.

It is with this in mind that we created the Industry Trend Report – to provide a thoughtful connection point for our audiences with the goal of identifying the state of the industry ahead of the show. Our endorsing associations contribute a thorough representation of the varying roles that make up the full industry. This allows us to formulate discussion points that can be shared with peers when we gather face-to-face.

We are appreciative of those who have taken the time to participate in this report as we believe it lends tremendous value in understanding the challenges and opportunities within the industry from every point of view. As we’ve come to realize, our goals, even when executed differently, must be in sync to further the growth and success of this industry, a message that resonates wider with each passing year.

To compile this report, our respondents were asked to reflect on opportunities, threats and challenges to be considered for the near future, as well as to provide feedback regarding discussions happening in their specific areas of expertise.

We encourage you to review the input from our industry associations, manufacturers from the show floor and experts working in the field and carry this knowledge with you onto the show floor at the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta. The 2023 AHR Expo will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center, on February 6–8, 2023. To learn more about the show, click here.   

To read the full report and see all of its expert insights, click here.