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Bell Gossett Announces BIM Library With Revit Drawings

ITT Bell Gossett has announced a new extensive online library of 3D building-information-modeling (BIM) content files in Autodesk Revit 2010. A total of 113 Revit families and 5,252 types have been created for the following HVAC product lines:

• Pumps: VSX and Series 1510, 1531, 80, 80-SC, 60, and 90

• Pump Accessories: Suction Diffusers Triple Duty Valves

• Engineered Specialties: Rolairtrols and B Expansion Tanks

• U-Tube Heat Exchangers

Bell Gossett contracted with CADworks, one of two certified Autodesk Content Network providers, to transform its HVAC product drawing files into Revit families, which are parametric components that serve as the basis for all designs. Users can select the files directly in Autodesk Revit with a one-time download of the Bell Gossett Content Module at and picking the appropriate models from the Content Library.

Benefits of the Bell Gossett Revit content include:

• Access to integrated content in Autodesk Revit, eliminating the need to search and download files from external Websites.

• Fully certified content created by CADworks and approved by Bell Gossett.

• Bell Gossett content is created in the latest Revit version and will be upgraded automatically to future generations, requiring no user patch downloads.

• Changes to designs are updated automatically across the entire project and are easy to track; there is no need to re-enter information.

• Multiple simultaneous design alternatives are allowed within projects.

• Flexibility and control over visualization of projects.

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