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Cleaver-Brooks Sells 3,000 Boiler-Room Control System

Cleaver-Brooks has sold its 3,000th Hawk Integrated Boiler Room Control System (ICS). The unit was sold to an Ashland Performance Materials facility, located in Piedmont, S.C., by Kevin Young, a sales representative for C&C Boiler Sales & Service Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. For selling the 3,000th unit, Cleaver-Brooks awarded Young $3,000 and a plaque.

The Hawk ICS is an integrated PLC-based boiler/burner control that is pre-programmed for easier installation and flexible options. A touch-screen interface and advanced communications inform status and alarms for safe operation. Features, such as a variable-speed drive, oxygen trim, stack temperature, lead/lag sequencing, water level, and temperature/pressure, in a single integrated control add efficiency, reduce fuel cost, and increase productivity. The unit is available for single or multiple boilers and new or retrofit applications.

For more information about the Hawk ICS, or any Cleaver-Brooks product, visit or call (229) 227-4408.

Additionally, the company has a dedicated alliance of representatives throughout the world who can be tapped for consultation, sales, maintenance, and aftermarket support. To locate a representative, call (800) 250-5883.

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