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Echoflex Releases EnOcean Energy-Harvesting Evaluation Kit

Echoflex Solutions has introduced the EEK200C Evaluation Kit, which can be used to explore the breadth and performance of EnOcean wireless energy-harvesting technologies within the context of a building. Encapsulated in the kit are the building blocks critical to fully integrated systems: energy generation, conditioning, and storage; sensor power balance; low power timers; and a microprocessor for OEM custom development. These are the same components that have enabled automated energy management in more than 100,000 buildings worldwide. System integrators can simulate sensor applications in any environment without any programming or configuration.

The kit contains a solar-powered temperature sensor, set-point adjustment, and reed switch (magnet contact). The radio modules are powered by two ambient sources: infinite wells of solar and motion energy. Integrated energy harvesting ensures full functionality of the solar-powered STM sensor modules even after days in complete darkness. The motion-powered PTM module is optimal for on/off/DIM controls such as lighting, blinds, and master on/off switching. The bi-directional transceiver (TCM 200C) communicates directly with associated lighting/temperature plug-ins and WinEtel software.

Key features of the kit include:

• Ability to explore the range and reliability of the EnOcean wireless standard in any environment.

• Demonstrated capabilities of EnOcean PTM, TCM, and STM radio modules.

• Bi-directional transceiver for communicating with remote sensors and feeding data into a personal computer.

• USB connection and WinEtel software for monitoring radio packets.

• Interoperability with other EnOcean-based products.

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