From the Field

GreenLink Receives "Initiative of the Year" Award

GreenLink Alliance, based in Mount Crawford, Va., is a non-profit trade association dedicated to promoting energy conservation in existing buildings through the use of building-automation and control technologies. GreenLink supports the efforts of manufacturers and integrators by promoting their products and services nationwide. The association also provides information about existing and proposed federal and state incentives that can be utilized to alleviate the initial costs of a building retrofit.

In recognition of their efforts, the association received the "Initiative of the Year" award for their work related to supporting federal incentives and building retrofits. GreenLink's achievements were recognized during LonMark International's community meeting, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, on Nov. 11. LonMark International is a non-profit trade association that promotes and advances the integration of open, multi-vendor building-automation and control systems.

GreenLink Alliance and LonMark International formed a partnership over a year ago that has provided a platform for bringing together LonMark's work in the field of open and interoperable standards with GreenLink's mission to influence energy legislation to include incentives for residential and commercial building owners that want the ability to understand and manage their energy consumption.

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