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Grundfos' Products Receive Annex G Certification

Grundfos Pumps has announced that the CR, CRI, and CRN products have received NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Drinking Water System Components—Health Effects, Annex G certification, effective Feb. 25.

NSF International recently developed the evaluation procedures in Annex G to establish an American National Standard to determine product compliance with the lead-content requirement of the California Health and Safety Code. Assembly Bill (AB) 1953 is a change in the California Health and Safety Code to phase out lead content from pipe, pipe fittings, fixtures conveying potable water, and water intended for human consumption.

The bill requires a weighted average of no more than 0.25-percent lead content for the wetted surface area of pipes, pipe fittings, or fixtures used in drinking water applications. Only “lead-free” plumbing components meeting AB 1953's reduced-lead standard of 0.25 percent can be sold in California as of Jan. 1.

Grundfos' product-development strategy has been to remove lead content from all products and components intended to transport drinking water. The company has replaced many components with stainless steel and low- or “no-lead” brass and silicon bronze. The company currently is in the process of obtaining Annex G certification for affected products.

• All affected Grundfos products will comply. Grundfos will not maintain dual (complaint/noncompliant) inventories and product numbers.

• Annex G certification listing will be printed on product labels.

• Product listings will be posted on the Grundfos USA Website,

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