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Melink Corp. Earns Energy Star

Melink Corp. has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Energy Star, a national symbol for energy efficiency and environmental protection. The award signifies that a building's energy performance rates in the top 25 percent of facilities nationwide.

The EPA's national energy-performance rating system provides a 1 to 100 scale that helps organizations assess how efficiently their buildings use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide. A building that scores a rating of 75 or higher is eligible for the Energy Star. Melink received a score of 97.

Commercial buildings that earn the Energy Star use an average of 35-percent less energy than typical buildings and release 35-percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Melink improved its energy performance by managing energy strategically across the entire organization and making cost-effective improvements to its building.

"Improving the energy efficiency of our nation's buildings is critical to preserving our environment and our natural resources," said Kathleen Hogan, director of the EPA's Climate Protection Partnerships Division. "From office buildings to hotels, supermarkets to schools, the Energy Star distinguishes those organizations who are taking environmental responsibility into their own hands."

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