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RIDGID Launches Online Business Tool

RIDGID, a business of Emerson and a manufacturer of hand and power tools and video-inspection devices, have launched RIDGIDConnect—an online business tool designed to securely share and store job-site information via a computer, laptop, or smart phone.

RIDGIDConnect creates a digital platform for professionals such as plumbers, HVAC technicians, and facilities managers to store job-site photos and videos, job reports and histories, maintenance records, customer lists, and other files needed for recordkeeping. The subscription-based service enables subscribers to share information with customers, other industry professionals, and third parties.

The tool is designed to meet three primary needs when it comes to handling information and digital media assets: share, store, and simplify.

The “share“ aspect enables professionals to overcome communication challenges previously associated with digital media assets. Subscribers have the ability to:

• Prepare and send detailed, professional job reports that include notes and customer details to multiple recipients.

• Edit and narrate digital media (videos and photos) to provide concise explanations.

• Control recipients' access privileges.

The tool stores and protects a professional's digital assets on a secure and continually backed-up system, including:

• Detailed customer lists and job histories.

• Uploaded digital media from inspection tools (any manufacturer) and digital recording devices.

• Project files and records.

The tool simplifies and bridges the technology gap by:

• Eliminating the need to copy digital files to DVDs, CDs, or USB flash drives.

• Lessening the back-and-forth explanation between clients and/or co-workers.

• Providing around-the-clock access to records from any location.

• Utilizing RIDGIDConnect mobile to conduct business in the field via a smart phone.

RIDGIDConnect is available in four subscription plans to suit the needs of businesses and organizations of various sizes. To register for a free 30-day trial or for additional information about the tool, visit

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