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Technical Systems Develops Free-Cooling Chillers

Technical Systems Develops Free-Cooling Chillers

Technical Systems, a division of RAE Corp., has developed an energy-efficient chiller system to satisfy Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements and reduce energy consumption. The system features an integrated economizer coil allowing ambient air to provide a “free-cooling” effect by reducing the number of hours that the mechanical cooling system must operate.

Technical Systems is helping customers go green by incorporating waterside free cooling with evaporative-cooled packaged

The variable-flow screw chiller has integral pumps and an economizer coil built to deal with fluctuating loads throughout the operating cycle. The system runs 24 hr a day/seven days a week. All of these components allow the chiller to reduce the energy use by tracking the building load as it increases and decreases. The system also is equipped with redundancy factors, such as multiple compressor circuits and backup pumps.

The benefits of evaporative condensing chillers include less compressor horsepower required to handle full loads, reduced energy consumption because of the reduced horsepower, and a smaller overall footprint.

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