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Trane Honors Customers for Energy-Efficiency Achievements

The Trane Energy Efficiency Leader Award demonstrates Trane's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, while recognizing its customers in these achievements around the world. Trane recently presented the award to customers in six countries who are working to link the physical environment of their buildings and assets to their business outcomes. The award is presented to customers across all sectors, including health care, education, retail, grocery, government, industrial, and commercial real estate.

Award recipients leverage improvements in building design, renovation, construction, and operations to achieve real business outcomes, such as lowering energy and operating costs, reducing tenant turnover, creating better learning environments, and achieving improved patient outcomes.

Award recipients included:

Ivory Properties Group and GH Consultants Sdn. Bhd. in Penang, Malaysia, received the award for development of the new Penang Times Square shopping mall. The mall was initially designed to include a conventional air conditioning system. Ivory Properties Group, with support and advice from GH Consultants Sdn. Bhd., instead opted for a more energy efficient Trane chilled water system. The system is expected to achieve 0.63 kw per ton system efficiency on an annual basis and will be 30 percent more efficient than conventional chiller plants found in typical commercial buildings in Malaysia.

Macalester College is a private college in St. Paul, Minn., with 163 full-time faculty and nearly 2,000 students. Macalester received the award for a campus-wide dedication to efficiency and sustainability that has led to significant energy-saving upgrades on campus. Upgrades include a new-chilled water system plant, an Eco House (on-campus green-living experience) and the construction of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum-certified Markim Hall.

Monterrey Tec is a private, independent educational institution with more than 8,500 teachers serving more than 90,000 students at the high school, undergraduate, and post-graduate levels at its 31 campuses in Mexico. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, the school received the award in recognition of recent infrastructure improvements which significantly reduced annual energy consumption. As a result of the upgrades, the university has created a more comfortable teaching and learning environment while also reducing energy consumption by 13 to 15 percent per year.

The P.P. Porty Lotnicze Terminal at Warsaw Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland, serves nearly half of the passenger air traffic in Poland. The P.P. Porty Lotnicze Terminal features high-performance infrastructure systems that make this new state-of-the-art terminal operationally and energy efficient, while at the same time providing visitors and workers with a comfortable environment. It is estimated that during the first 10 years of operation the infrastructure systems will save enough energy to power a city of 11,000 people for one year.

Tishman Speyer received the award for development of the new Castelo Branco Office Park in São Paulo, Brazil. Because of the investments in efficiency, the 1.1-million-sq-ft site provides the same quality and technology of premium areas of the state capital, but at less cost.

Transitions Optical in Galway, Ireland, the optical industry's top photo chromic lenses manufacturer, recently completed upgrades to its plant that are generating €144,000 in annual energy savings and reduced the energy required to produce each lens by 50 percent.

Over the past year, Trane has presented approximately 25 customers with the Trane Energy Efficiency Leader Award.

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