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What Advice Would You Give to Controls Contractors?


What advice would you like to give to controls contractors and their technicians? After all, your systems are in their hands. They’re the vital link between your building-control-system designs and your customers.

In December, HPAC Engineering’s Networked Controls Plus newsletter wrapped up a four-part series, “101 Ways to Rock as a Building-Automation and Controls Technician.”

In it, Abel “The Controls Freak” Ramirez shared 101 thoughts with technicians who want to become the very best at what they do in the challenging and dynamic building-automation and controls industry.

Now we want to hear from you. What are the essential skills controls contractors and their technicians need to ensure your controls systems work as designed? What do they need to know about troubleshooting? Can they actively and effectively verify and gauge the effectiveness of your designs as they install them? Should they?

This is an important dialogue that needs to take place. It’s important to you, to the contractors and their technicians, to your mutual building owner customers, and to the nation as a whole as it strives to find ways to increase the energy-efficiency of its buildings. Please register (it’s free and easy) and post your comments below so that everyone can share in them.


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