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Nov. 1, 2009
BUILDING-AUTOMATION APPLIANCES Sedona Framework has been added to Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote to provide controller capability. Able to be configured


Sedona Framework has been added to Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote to provide controller capability. Able to be configured via a Web browser, the remote can function as a BACnet/Internet-protocol (IP) and Modbus transmission-control-protocol (TCP) remote input/output and a Modbus-serial-to-Modbus-TCP router. The remote can communicate over a BACnet/IP network while functioning as an application-specific controller.
Contemporary Controls
Circle 12


Designed for air-curtain operation in occupied commercial spaces, Intelliswitch 2 digital controllers include programming and diagnostics capabilities. The controllers do not require integration of external peripherals because essential components, such as an operating switch, timer/delay, thermostat, and 10-speed fan control, are built in.
Berner International Corp.
Circle 13


Compatible with most commercial HVAC systems, iComfort communicating thermostat systems enable multiple thermostats to be networked wirelessly throughout a building. Able to control up to 1,000 thermostats simultaneously, the systems support remote access by providing a Web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring, and control. Multiple locations can be managed and accessed remotely with a single account.
Jackson Systems
Circle 14


Sized for variable-air-volume (VAV) and unitary applications, BACnet units have been added to the Spyder family of controllers. The availability of the BACnet protocol provides openness as well as the ability to use the controllers with other devices or as standalone systems.
Honeywell International
Circle 15


The P266 condenser-fan speed control for single-phase permanent-split-capacitor motors is useful for a variety of outdoor low-ambient-refrigeration and air-conditioning-condenser applications. Unit features include a stainless-steel electronic pressure transducer that prevents refrigerant leaks, a design that can extend motor life by reducing power and motor temperature at lower speeds, a weather-resistant enclosure, and field-adjustable speed, pressure, start voltage, and minimum speed/cutoff.
Johnson Controls
Circle 16


Certified as BACnet Testing Laboratory Advanced Workstation Software, WebCTRL building-automation software features graphic programming, an intuitive user interface, Internet-enabled remote operator access, hierarchical scheduling, and automatic set-point optimization. Through a Web browser, users can set and change schedules, adjust set points and other control properties, graphically trend building conditions, view and acknowledge alarms, and run preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, and tenant billing.
Automated Logic Corp.
Circle 17


Combined with variable-air-volume units, LonMark- and BACnet-ready direct digital controllers are shipped addressed and ready to install. Lon controllers are certified to LonMark interoperability guidelines, enabling information sharing with other LonMark products. BACnet controllers have been certified by the BACnet Testing Laboratory to ensure they meet or exceed requirements for integration into a BACnet system.
Metal Industries Inc.
Circle 18


Compact and programmable, Smart-Space BACnet controllers have a local liquid-crystal display for set-point, point-override, and schedule changes. The controllers can be configured for standalone operation or networked on BACnet master slave/token passing (MS/TP) for distributed applications. Standard features include up to four outputs, three inputs, and a dedicated onboard temperature sensor; optional features include any combination of an occupancy sensor, humidity sensor, or real-time clock.
Reliable Controls
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