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Carbon-Dioxide Sensor

March 6, 2013
The IRCO2 uses pulsed-emitter technology to reduce costs and power consumption.

The IRCO2 is an infrared carbon-dioxide sensor designed for demand-controlled ventilation systems. The sensor uses non-dispersive infrared technology. Its optical path consists of an emitter and detector that optimize signal-to-noise performance while minimizing costs. It generates a signal passively, by measuring the absorption of infrared light through the gas, a mode of operation that eliminates degradation concerns, reduces maintenance and reliably provides accurate measurements. The IRCO2 reduces costs and power consumption by employing pulsed-emitter technology. The emitter features a patented burst mode that only energizes the emitter 188 microseconds out of every 30-sec. measurement cycle, unlike traditional infrared emitters that often must remain on 24/7 to achieve the required measurement stability. —Cal Sensors