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InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance Approves Restructuring Plan

Dec. 3, 2014
Paul Strohm is newly elected president of the international alliance of independent building automation contractors.

The InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance elected new leadership and approved a restructuring plan with an emphasis on training during its recent Fall Meeting.

“Our members unanimously approved The Way Forward strategic initiative during the 2014 Fall Meeting,” Paul Strohm, newly elected president of the international alliance of independent building automation contractors, said. “Highlights of this initiative include implementation of a new organizational structure that includes reorganizing the current committees, creating a marketing committee, and hiring an executive director to manage the organization. Implementing the InsideIQ University is also a major initiative that will transform InsideIQ into an important learning organization, complete with a training director who will be responsible for developing and promoting high-impact, customized courses for InsideIQ members.

“The goal of InsideIQ University is to create a learning culture within the organization that will drive innovation, productivity, quality, customer service, and, finally, profitability for InsideIQ member firms,” Strohm, who is president and chief operating officer of Kansas City, Kan.-based C & C Group, continued. “Research indicates that organizations with strong learning cultures outperform their competitors, and we see the InsideIQ University as a driver providing a robust resource to propel InsideIQ firms ahead of the competition.”

New board appointments include Scott Porter, secretary; Charlie Sabean, business-development chairman; and Shad Buhlig, technical chairman. Porter is president of Utah Yamas Controls, headquartered in Draper, Utah; Sabean is vice president of Modern Systems Management, based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada; and Buhlig is president of Automatic Controls Engineering, located in Hayward, Calif.

Returning board officers for 2014 and 2015 include Leroy Walden, vice president of Atlanta-based McKenney’s Inc., who serves as vice president; Kent James, who is vice president of Control Technologies in Lubbock, Texas, who serves as treasurer; and Frank Rotello, chief executive officer of Alpha Controls & Services in Rockford, Ill., who is InsideIQ’s past president.

Continuing their service on the InsideIQ board are Byron Bailey, vice president of SNE Building Systems, East Granby, Conn., who serves as education chairman; Scott Derby, vice president of SmartEdge, Tonawanda, N.Y., who leads the new marketing committee; and Tommy Reed, president of Louisiana Controls, Baton Rouge, La., who is operations chairman.

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