Advanced Controls for Data-Center Cooling

XDC refrigerant chillers are now available with iCOM controls to improve monitoring and allow better management of cooling in data centers. The advanced controls are designed to allow data-center managers to optimize cooling capacity at the rack level and make informed choices concerning the data-center operating environment. XDC with iCOM can cool more than 30 kW per rack and 160 kW per system. XDC with iCOM is designed to support XD Smart Modules, which are cooling modules that are compatible with the XD family and feature integrated control boards that enable modulation of cooling capacity. XDC with iCOM features a controller-area network (CAN-bus) configuration, enabling a new communications network bridging a data center’s building management system or data center infrastructure management system to the XD Smart Module level. iCOM with CAN-bus communications allows real-time monitoring and data capture of supply and return air temperatures at the rack level, module cooling capacity and fan status and presents the data in graphical views that easily convey data center conditions to users. —Liebert

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