Advanced Metering System

The Venergy Advanced Metering System is designed to provide net-zero-energy building developers a complete energy-monitoring solution for all electrical and non-electrical load types, including lighting, HVAC, plug loads, photovoltaic, and water and gas. The Venergy Advanced Metering System comprises four elements that together provide facility managers and building owners with real-time energy usage information to effectively optimize building performance. The Venergy system uses high-accuracy split-core current transformers to provide the current inputs to the Cooper Controls Advanced Power Meter (APM) multifunction networked energy meter. The APM then captures power consumption data including true RMS power, energy, and demand metering. The line-powered metering device, which may be installed easily in a load center or junction box, enables individual or multi-phase measurement of voltage, current, power factor, reactive power/energy, and line frequency without any additional power supply required. The Venergy Data Acquisition Server shares metered data from the APM with a hosted cloud computing server that manipulates and stores data. The Venergy system's Web-based application and dashboard provide easy remote access on virtually any networked computer or device to real-time energy-consumption data through an intuitive graphical user interface. The interface serves as an information source for both technical and nontechnical staff. A Venergy mobile app is also now available from the iTunes App Store allowing users to view real-time energy consumption of their building on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. —Cooper Controls

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