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BACnet Interface for i.LON SmartServers

A BACnet interface for i.LON SmartServers, developed in partnership with Echelon Inc. to be the LonWorks/BACnet gateway application for the i.LON SmartServer, is now available for download, trial, and purchase. The interface enables multi-vendor, multi-protocol solutions by providing a BACnet interface on newly commissioned and/or established LonWorks networks, allowing building-automation and energy-automation applications and upgrades to capitalize on the strengths of both BACnet and LonWorks protocols. The software is implemented as a standard SmartServer app and requires a SmartServer with activated programmability. The BACnet Interface provides an intuitive BACnet look and feel to any i.LON site interface. The software is compatible with all common BACnet AWS/OWS workstations. —ConnectEx

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