Building-Automation Submeters

A new series of high-density building-automation submeters is designed to provide comprehensive building-energy benchmarking. The PowerHawk 4000 series meter provides a submetering platform that can seamlessly integrate and communicate simultaneously with existing building-automation systems, internet protocol-based IT servers, and energy-management systems. The meters offer a full suite of logged metering parameters, multi-protocol support and flexibility, non-volatile memory for logged data storage up to 2.4 years, and field-upgradable firmware for future protocol support. The 4000 series comes in two configurations: 4X24 and 4X06. The 4X24 is a 24-element submeter designed to accommodate up to 24 single-phase meter points, 12 two-phase meter-points, or eight three-phase meter points. The 4X06 is a six-element submeter designed to accommodate six single-phase meter points, three two-phase meter-points, or two three-phase meter points. —Triacta Power Technologies

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