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Building-Management System

The ComfortPoint Open Building Management System was designed as a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to control and optimize heating and cooling equipment in facilities. It is tested and listed by the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL). ComfortPoint Open features an intuitive user interface that allows facility personnel to access the system online, giving them a convenient, round-the-clock way to view building equipment, manage alarms, and change schedules. Operators can also use the EasyMobile client interface to manage and control equipment from a variety of mobile devices. Other features include ease of installation and integration, built-in utility meter management and analysis to identify opportunities for energy reduction and pinpoint potential equipment issues, and flexibility to grow and expand. Because ComfortPoint Open is BACnet compliant and BTL listed, facility managers can expand the system and add third-party components without significant reconfiguration. Additionally, ComfortPoint Open is compatible with other building automation protocols, including MODBUS. It also easily integrates with other facility systems such as lighting, security, and life safety equipment through the Enterprise Buildings Integrator, and connects with Attune Advisory Services to support advanced building performance analysis, continuous commissioning and building optimization. —Honeywell

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