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Building-Systems Integration

Tracer ES, a Web-based systems integration solution that provides an online enterprise-wide view of buildings and systems from any personal computer, can now be easily and quickly integrated with Tracer SC to manage individual HVAC solutions. Tracer ES can also be integrated with non-Trane systems via BACnet. Tracer ES and SC solutions provide on-site and remote alarms, monitoring, scheduling, analysis, and control with a user-friendly online interface. ES provides Web control of multiple Trane or qualified BACnet systems for improved operation and energy management. ES Express software is also available for smaller environments. Tracer SC acts as a system functions and network manager for all individual HVAC systems, offering access from any computer through a Web interface. Tracer SC supports two standard field level protocols, BACnet MS/TP and LonTalk, allowing for integration of any equipment, such as variable-speed drives, chilled-water systems, power generators, or monitoring solutions that use communicating controllers. The Tracer line features a complete range of wired and wireless sensors for building spaces. —Trane

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