Builidng-Data Acquisition and Archiving

Version 3 of RC-Archive contains many new features to enable seamless building-data acquisition. The new version of RC-Archive adds archiving support for the following new objects: BACnet single-point and multipoint trend logs, and BACnet and Reliable Controls protocol runtime logs. BACnet is now a fully supported connection method, allowing discovery and data collection from any Reliable or third-party BACnet project using an IP network. The new scheduled database update interval allows end-users to specify one of three new database synchronization scenarios for the entire system: • Once every 1, 2, 6 or 12 hours • Once every 24 hours at a user-specified hour • At a user-specified day of the week, at a user-specified hour. Separate from scheduled database updates, RC-Archive updates as often as is required to preserve data. BACnet trend log archiving for both multipoint and single-point objects, and runtime log archiving for both BACnet and Reliable Controls protocol allow archived data to be visually displayed in reports generated in the new RC-Reporter Energy Tracking and Analysis Software, the MACH-ProWeb user interface, and RC-Studio. —Reliable Controls

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