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Control System

The CP3 3-Series Control System provides a platform that simplifies the design, integration, and control of lighting, HVAC, energy-management, building-management, and other connected systems in commercial buildings, hotels, universities, casinos, schools, and multicampus environments. Compact and rack mountable, the CP3 enables real-time multi-tasking to run up to 10 independent programs simultaneously. IT-like programming architecture enables integrators to perform system maintenance and expansion. Upgrades can be performed on any individual subsystem — such as lighting control, HVAC, security, and climate control — without affecting the entire system. Onboard BACnet/IP support enables seamless integration with existing building management systems and other BACnet devices. All systems can now run independently and communicate with each other on the same platform, creating a truly smart building. Built-in SNMP support enables integration with third-party network management software, allowing control and monitoring in a format that's familiar to IT personnel. —Creston

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